How To Achieve A Hamptons Look

Because so much of Australian living space is based around the coast, it’s no surprise that when it comes to decorating, a lot of people strive for something that compliments the coastal look and lifestyle. One of the classic decorating styles for achieving is the Hampton’s style. But what is it, and how do you set about capturing that look and feel?

Classics Are Forever

The “Hampton’s” is the short-hand name in the United States for a series of villages that became a vacation area in Long Island, New York. This area is set on the beach and frequented by America’s wealthy. The Hampton’s, in other words, has become associated with a place where people of means can relax in a classy, sophisticated setting that reflects their own taste and financial achievement.

It’s Not Aggressive

The Hampton’s look is characterised by a more modest, considered, classical style of decorating. It’s more about creating a mood, than showcasing a standout piece of furnishing. The Hampton’s look is exemplified by highlighting the coast itself, so structurally, big windows are an important part.

In terms of furnishings, however, naturalism and understated class is the key. Wooden furniture plays a big role in establishing the Hamptons look. This is complemented by natural fabrics like linens on tables, or comfortable looking throws that adorn furniture.

There’s also an important “signature colour” if you’re trying to go all the way with your Hampton’s look. The style is typified by a generous use of white and blue, once again in keeping with coastal themes. This means that if you have classically decorated Asian porcelain such as Ginger Jars, it fits right in with the Hampton’s look in a very natural way.

Remember, the key to the Hampton’s look is to be tasteful and understated. Loud, boisterous, excessive design that is created to draw attention to itself falls out of this sensibility.

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