How to Display Bathroom Towels

Did you know that there is a very stylish, decorative, and accessible way to display your bathroom towels instead of simply hanging them or just laying them on the counter or shelf? There are many other ways you can display your bathroom towels while actually adding to the space, rather than detracting from it.

Use Decals and Hooks

Decals and hooks are probably one of the most common methods used to hang bathroom towels, and even in the most modern bathroom, it can add a pleasing and clean aesthetic especially when paired with a decal for the wall and displayed prominently and proudly with your very own fluffy and inviting towels.

If you have a slightly larger or longer bathroom, you can also utilise several more hooks to further ensure that the towels are right within your reach. You can also use different colours to display throughout the bathroom to enhance your theme.

Display Towels on a Rung

A rung, such as you see with ladders, is a very country like way to display your towels if you want to step away from a modern style. The rungs can be painted whatever colour you desire, and you simply hang the towels over the rung for display. Choose colours that will complement each other.

Tiers and Shelves

If you have a smaller bathroom and not much space to work with, then tiers or small shelves would be an ideal solution for you. It keeps the towels within reach where you need them and takes care of having to find another place to store them. Place the tiers or small shelves in a narrow space of wall in the bathroom and neatly fold and place your towels on them for a modern and very urban appeal.